The Harlem Oral History Project

Documentary Shoot

On Saturday April 24th, we had the first NAACP shoot for our upcoming documentary.  Read more about that here.  Many of the Youth Interns attended as well as Bryant, Sam, Ron, Iwona, Ava, Alice, Edward, Oren, and Gordon.   We interviewed Bob Knight, as well as Esther Cooper Jackson.  Both interviews were fascinating.  After the interview with Ms. Jackson, we had a “round table” discussion with Ms. Jackson about her life . We also talked about what we are learning about in school and how we often don’t learn much about some very important events in history.  The Interns had a chance to ask questions of Mr. Knight, Ms. Jackson, and Dr. Petioni, and they in turn asked us questions.  We then proceeded  to Bob Knight’s interview. He discussed his efforts as an activist in Harlem, as well as his  relationships with Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael. We wrapped up around 3:30 that afternoon.  This was an amazing experience for all of the interns, and was our first professional shoot.  This is the first of many shoots that we will take part in for the NAACP Documentary.  So stay tuned for more.

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