The Harlem Oral History Project

Youth Internship

Cultivating the talents and intelligence of our youth develops the leadership of tomorrow and the strength of our communities today. We Care Media Arts Youth Production Internships offer local high school students technical media training and a creative outlet while fostering expanded community awareness and media literacy. Through this comprehensive program, We Care can enlist the vibrant, talented generation of leaders in the making, the young men and women who have grown up in Harlem and care about their community.

We Care Media Arts, a Harlem-based nonprofit with roots reaching back to the 1960s, is a testament to the power of bright, civic-oriented young people to reinvigorate and preserve their community.  Co- founders Sam Walton and Sam Gaynor were just teenagers when they founded We Care, a social service organization that provided Harlem families with job training and referrals, health and housing advocacy, and youth programming.

In the last twelve years, WCMA Co-founder and Director, Sam Walton has conducted more than 50 [TK] oral history interviews including the stories of renowned Harlemites like Gordon Parks, Percy Sutton, and Ruth Williams. WCMA has recently enlisted Oren Jacoby, an Oscar® nominated filmmaker  to produce a documentary based on their stories.

Tentatively titled UPTOWN DREAMS, this film will encompass an artistic, cultural, and political history of Harlem, while discussing the origins and impact of recent changes in the community.

We Care Media Arts Youth Production Internships offer:

Training in basic filmmaking techniques and the production of short student films and participation in the Harlem Oral History project.

Research development through student papers on Harlem history and current community issues and trends.

Community Reporting via neighborhood shoots, short web profiles and an online newsletter about oral history participants

Production experience as interns accompany the crew on shoots, research community leaders, and have the opportunity to interview or shadow interviewees the likes of Ruth Williams, Congressman Charles Rangel, and Dr. John Cordice – among the first Black physicians to integrate Harlem Hospital.

The chance to appear as a character in the documentary — Are you involved with some activity to give back to the community or reshape it for the next generation? Here’s your platform — You can actually work on our documentary, as a protagonist, in front of the camera! Or put your new skills to work and join the crew, behind the camera!

3 Responses

  1. Melissa Acosta

    Im interested in the Youth Internship.
    Thank you:)

    July 30, 2012 at 11:41 pm

  2. Andrea Cisco

    Rest in peace dear Sam…..

    February 22, 2012 at 8:29 am


    Dear Sam Walton,

    I was reading about your organization. I was
    a member in the 60′s. It’s good to know that
    you are still impacting the lives of our
    youth. I would like to send you a letter,
    so that you will remember who Iam. Please
    give me an address where I can send it.


    January 3, 2012 at 4:32 pm

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