The Harlem Oral History Project

Richard Hankin

Richard Hankin started his talk with a discussion of Networking, explaining how it’s important to use your connections to get a foothold in filmmaking (or any other business)  – “Be persistent, but polite. Don’t be shy. Show up (on time!), be present, be energetic, be willing to jump in.

Hankin spoke about making feature length documentaries, starting with–  How do you find the topics you are interested in? Subjects cam come from reading the newspaper – (or magazines or internet) and wanting to know more about unheard stories you discover there.

He also showed a clip from his film, Home Front. In the discussion that followed he talked about using a location to set the context for a story and he also emphasized the importance in a doc of using “original documents” – photographs, home movies, old footage, etc.

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